We can help

Taking steps to improve your financial well-being can be frightening, not to mention confusing. Where do you begin? How do you begin? Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, we can help guide you through your unique challenges, every step of the way.

Build Your Savings

Studies show that most Americans do not have enough in savings to cover a costly emergency. Car repairs, a health crisis, a last-minute out-of-state trip—you shouldn’t have to choose between one of these stressful scenarios and next month’s rent or housing payment. With help from Tulip’s financial counselors, you may not have to. We’ll help you build a sturdy reserve for unforeseen instances like these (and perhaps something a little more optimistic too!).

Build Your Credit

For many of life’s milestones, having good credit can be essential. Buying or renting a home, purchasing a car, and financing wedding costs are just a few examples of events that can be dependent on credit history and your credit score. Instead of worrying about meeting lending requirements or getting stuck with a high interest rate, let us help with our credit counseling services. Taking the right steps can save you tons of time and money in the future.

Access Traditional Banking Accounts

Even if you’ve been denied a checking or savings account in the past, we may have options to get you back into the banking system. If you’ve ever had to use check-cashing companies or prepaid debit cards, you probably know that the fees can be hefty (not to mention the time it takes to go from place to place to do your business). Instead, let us help you get back into a traditional banking system by providing you with choices you may not have known were available.

Escape Predatory Lending Cycles

With all the lending options that are available to borrowers, it can be easy to get caught in a situation where you are paying much more in fees than you should. When these fees keep adding up month after month, it can seem the end is nowhere in sight. Many Americans get caught in this financial cycle and become overwhelmed, but there are ways to get out. Talk to one of our financial counselors to learn about much cheaper, less stressful options that are a good fit for you.

Improve Your Financial Management Skills

Budgeting can be difficult, and it’s not always fun to see exactly where all your money is going. However, it can be key in saving for your future and becoming financially stable. At Tulip, we can assist you throughout the entire budgeting and money management process, from creating a list of income and expenses to forming an action plan and checking in with you when you need it.